Most Embarrassing Moments!

Below are links to some revealing embarrassing moments. Some of these incidents happened to me, my friends, or are blush worthy stories which have been sent to me. If you would like to share your most embarrassing moment with us, please e mail me with your story.

A Very Red Pussy Cat!
Contributed by my good friend Betty from Canada.

Beer And Takeaway.
Contributed by Ray Warke, Ireland.

Cars and Canals!
Contributed by Charles Rivard, Arizona U.S.A.

Mistaken Identity!
Contributed by Betsy Walters, U.S.A.

Oops! The Wrong Door!
Contributed by Lynn Williams, Georgia U.S.A.

Otto And Dave.
Contributed by my Poker buddy Dave who lives in North Carolina, USA.

Our First Date.
Contributed by me, Mags, it took a while but I can now look back and laugh about this one.

Red, Red Robin.
Contributed by Robin Clayden, Scotland UK.

Susanne and Jane!
Contributed by Susanne Burke, Holland.

Swim Scottie Swim.
Contributed by Tom Lorimer, Scotland.

The Knicker Nicker!
Contributed by Janet, London, UK.

The Waiter!
Another classic moment from my friend Lynn Williams, Georgia, USA.

Trucks & Shopping!
Contributed by darian Hartman, Oregon, U.S.A.

Encounter with a fake lamp post?
Contributed by Darren Paskell, UK

A Skiing Nightmare!

Aren't Children Wonderful!

Useful Tips For The Visually Impaired.

Women's Embarrassing Moments.

Get your Doctorr Who videos here!
Contributed by Stephen from Australia

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